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  • What Mind coaching is?
  • Why its not like any other therapy?
  • Why traditional therapies don’t work?
  • How you can find out if you are a hyper responder?

What can I



My innovative Release protocol that combines different methodologies some based on neuroscience to release any stresses, emotions, feelings or thoughts that are stuck cycling on your mind. It will completely neutralise it so it no longer has an effect on you and finally give you peace of mind.

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Lose your label

You are NOT your label! Doctors give you labels such as depression and disorders because they only have 8-10 mins with each patient and need to know your previous diagnosis. YOU are not depressed, you're experiencing depression currently. Same with the stories you tell yourself about yourself such as "I'm not good enough" or "I can't do that". If you want to release any self limiting beliefs or labels about yourself I can help you do that and instill the new positive belief instead.

To find out more about this service watch this video.


Axe the Anxiety

Anxiety is completely normal, alerting you to something that is important. However, when it becomes overwhelming it can take over your life and produce panic attacks. An event or trigger will have happened in the past and then your subconscious mind creates ways for you to avoid it possibly happening again but you eventually become so good at being anxious and avoidance that your world gets smaller and smaller until it becomes serious and you are constantly anxious about being anxious. Don't let it get that far and if it has, I will release the anxiety and retrain your mind to stop the learned response.

To find out more about this service watch this video.


Chronic Pain Release

Pain is just a signal from your subconscious mind to alert there is an issue. If this is a chronic pain that is ongoing, has been diagnosed and is or has been treated by the relevant medical professionals we can switch the pain signal off or at least reduce it. This works on all chronic pains such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthiritis, old injuries, IBS, migraines, endometriosis and many more.

To find out more about this service watch this video.


Lucid Dreaming Session

A fun way to resolve any issues on your mind. I will guide you through a lucid dream that you are in control of. Your subconscious mind will create an imaginary dream world for you to explore. Any obstacles that may arise will be symbolic to issues in your life. You are totally safe and once overcome in the dream world it will be completely resolved in your mind. Also great to give clarity for business or life direction.

To find out more about this service watch this video.


Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias can be crippling. Often they are a learnt response from others. Say your mum is scared of spiders and freaks out when you were a child, you also learn this response. It doesn't matter whether its a fear of objects, places, people or situations. They can all be resolved and be finally free of that horrible feeling you get even when you just think about it.

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Performance Mind Coaching

Whether its business or life performance, YOU are always going to be the biggest obstacle. Your fears, worries, beliefs about yourself will hold you back. I will not only release everything holding you back, but also rebuild your confidence and self belief and then help you rise to your 100% best and beyond.

To find out more about this service watch this video.


Fat loss Mindset Coaching

Eliminate emotional eating for good! Wonder why you can't lose weight? Or lose weight and always regain it? You just don't have the right fat loss mindset or beliefs. Not only is your mind important for results, but also for appreciating the results and loving what you see in the mirror. I can help you get the body of your dreams AND love yourself unconditionally.

To find out more about this service watch this video.


Relationship recovery

Can't get over an ex? Still feeling hurt from a break up? Don't let your ex effect your next. Or maybe your current relationship is being pushed to its limits because of unresolved issues. Get in touch to find out how I can help.

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Are you ready to start with mind coaching?

Frequently Asked Questions

I work with clients at my clinic in person or online.
The clinic address is 6 The Parade, Colchester Road, Harold Wood RM30AQ

Mind coaching is for absolutely everyone. We are becoming more health and body conscious but we often forget to look after our mind. I’ve never met anyone that couldn’t massively benefit from it. It would be impossible for you to get you your age today without picking up some scars along the way. These life wounds and beliefs about ourselves only hold us back. Imagine what you could achieve if your mind was performing at 100%.

NO! Nothing like it for one my mind coaching actually works. I’ve had numerous clients that have had counseling for years, spending thousands of pounds with no result and I’ve helped them completely resolve things in 1-3 sessions.
Secondly its nothing like counseling because I don’t need you to tell me any thing about it. I won’t retraumatise you like counseling can do and can work totally story free if needed

100% I work on results. You will either resolve or improve your issue and know its been improved after the first session. Check out my testimonials from clients contact me for a free consultation and I will tell you whether I can 100% guarantee a 10/10 result or not.

I have spent thousands learning from the best in many different modalities and I only use what is right and best for each individual client. My focus is your result, which is why I am always doing new courses to learn and improve ways to help. Not a one trick pony like many!

No my downloads only use methods that don’t require me to be present with you at the time. I prefer to work more in tune with the client live but my downloads do work wonders and are a great tool in themselves.


Mind Coaching coaches your mind to do what you want it to do. Helping you let go of anything holding you back so you can live your life at 100% instead.


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